The WeDeploy CLI is one of the powerful interfaces by which you can deploy and configure your projects. All commands follow a consistent syntax.

we <command> <flag> <string>

we deploy --project myapp

Here is a list of available commands:

  • we deploy  (Deploy the folder that you are in)
  • we login (Login to your WeDeploy account)
  • we logout  (Logout to your WeDeploy account)
  • we list  (List all your projects and services)
  • we log (Show logs for a service or project)
  • we domain (Manage your custom domains)
  • we env  (Mange your environment variables)
  • we delete  (delete a service or project)
  • we console (Open up the WeDeploy Console)
  • we update  (Update to the current version of the CLI)
  • we shell (Opens a shell on a container of your service)
  • we restart (Restart services)
  • we new  (Create new project or install new service)

For a full list of commands and uses, see our CLI Documentation.

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